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With lyrical styles like no other Sav One’s music is unique and relatable - holding nothing back. All of the versus are straight from his brain speaking about his authentic thoughts and experiences in a straight up mentality. Sav One’s music incorporates and describes the messages and meaning behind the day-by-day sav lifestyle he lives. Sav One raps about the knowledge he has gained and how that knowledge shaped him into the artist and Lyricist he is today and will continue to grow to be.

Sav One is 20 years young and from San Bruno, California. Bay Area representing now and forever. He currently attends college at Expression College For Digital Arts, where he is working on a Bachelors Degree in Sound Arts. Sav One has been doing music since he was 13 and doesn't plan on ever stopping. Through his music you will hear that he has the mentality to succeed, Sav One is in the music industry to stay.

The Time Is Now... If u have any interest, problems, or questions don't hesitate to hit him up directly. You can reach Sav One at sav1musik@gmail.com, or below through Contact Sav One. 

His debut album "Keep It Simple" will be released soon.